Pump App is helping organisations and individuals improve productivity and their refuelling process while reduceing costs. Think of us as your mobile petrol station, with just a few clicks we will have your fleet refuelled when and where you need it, allowing time to be spent where it really matters.

We operate 24hrs a day, 7 days a week and guarantee quality diesel, conveniently delivered at competitive prices.



  • Improve Productivity & Save Time

    Fleet operators can save multiple days per year when using Pump App as their fuel delivery solution. We can have your Fleet Refuelled and ready for the morning giving you piece of mind knowing that you are always operationally ready. Whether it is a scheduled refuelling or an emergency fill-up, Pump App provides a 24hour fuel delivery service at your chosen time and location allowing staff to spend more time with customers and where it matters.

    Along with the precious driver time you will save, you will also benefit from Reduced paperwork.

  • Reduce costs

    We provide competitive weekly rates that are often cheaper than Fuel cards and petrol stations, saving you money per the litre. You will have the peace of mind knowing that you are being charged a consistent price per litre compared to the varying prices at petrol stations and we enable you to keep on top of your fuel spending easily and free of hassle, so that you can focus on serving your customer’s needs.

  • Convenient and Friendly Service

    Our staff are trained in providing an efficient and friendly service while taking the upmost care of you and your property.

    Our dedicated portal provides downloadable delivery reports via our B2B portal, eliminating fuel fraud and centralising both fuel-related information and also invoices. Easily track your usage live with viewable fuel expenses, download invoices, and provides important analytics for your business. Pump App eliminates the piles of admin work resulting from pay and reclaim methods – all transactions are listed clearly on downloadable fuel reports and on your weekly, centralised, VAT-approved invoice. No contract and No obligations only Peace of mind.

  • Our Technology and Equipment

    We provide a unique service with independently designed pumps and storage tanks allowing us to safely transport fuel and reduce the risk of contamination and Our vans are nimble so we can fill all of your vehicles no matter how and where they are parked

    • – Alluminium tanks help to maintain the quality of our fuel (we do not use plastic IBC tanks)
    • – Our diesel is stored and transported in aluminium tanks
    • – 7 stage filter process reducing the risk of contamination during transport
    • – MID approved and calibrated pumps guaranteeing accuracy and consistency (Measuring Instrument
    • – Patent technology
We are FORS accredited in recognition of our high quality fleet operation
Our staff are trained to the highest UK standards for safely handling fuel
Each vehicle complies with UK standards for carrying fuel
We deliver the highest quality fuel in the UK
Our vans are nimble so we can fill all of your vehicles no matter how and where they are parked
A 14m hose means we can reach dozens of your vehicles from a single point
  • Safety – People, Environment and Equipment

    Safety is our top priority, and we want to ensure that Pump App provides the safest, most environmentally friendly way to refuel your vehicles. Our drivers are fully trained and certified to the highest UK standards for safely handling fuel (dangerous goods handling and dispensing certification in the UK). Whether you are an individual concerned about the environment or a fleet operator considering reducing your carbon footprint, with 100% renewable material and 90% less CO2 emission than regular diesel, Pump App can help you achieve your goals thereby not only increase your revenue per vehicle per day by saving valuable time for your business but also cutting down your CO2 Emissions, thus reducing your company's carbon footprint Our vans are calibrated regularly to ensure accuracy of volumes dispensed. We deliver standard grade diesel, compliant to EN590, to our customers in fully insured vehicles that comply to all UK vehicle regulations.