The UK’s newest fuel delivery service is hiring!
We have a fantastic opportunity for you to join a new start up business where the opportunities are endless.
We are recruiting a variety of skilled and experienced professionals who can add value to our business.

  • PresentPresent Competitive benefits
  • NoteNote Flexible schedules
  • Station OilStation Oil Company fuel perks
  • TennisTennis Company activities
  • AirplaneAirplane Generous holiday allowance
  • PeoplePeople Work with amazing people

What we offer

Our team believes in continuous growth. Our office is an open environment that facilitates learning, discussion and debate, aiming to raise the bar in the energy industry.

Here’s why our team loves working at Zebra:

  • – Intelligent co-workers
  • – Transparency
  • – Autonomy and trust
  • – Collaborative environment
  • – Flexibility & understanding

Who is Pump App?

Pump App -The Future of refuelling.

We are a new concept and the future in fueling. We supply ‘Quality diesel, conveniently delivered at competitive prices’ to organisations and individuals helping to reduce costs,improve productivity and their refuelling process while reducing costs. Think of us as your mobile petrol station, with just a few clicks we will have your fleet refuelled when and where you need it, allowing time to be spent where it really matters.

Some of Our Core Values


Respect for Customers
Our customers rule all. Constantly put yourself in their shoes to ensure they feel valued. Create what they want before they even know they want it.


Be open, be clear and be truthful towards yourself and others with words and actions.


Think Big, don’t think short-term. Think about how your actions can minimize wasted time and materials.

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