PumpApp is in the process of acquiring the necessary licences for the delivery of Unleaded fuel. Our aim in the not too distance future is to also provide a fast charge service for your electrical cars.

Operating within the Greater London area with expansion plans throughout the UK, PumpApp is at a prime position to provide fuel deliveries – at a competitive and often cheaper price than most petrol stations – while reducing our individual and collective carbon footprint.

Why do we only offer diesel at the moment?

Due to current UK regulations, delivering petrol to our customers’ cars is a bit more challenging. We pride ourselves on fully complying with applicable regulations regarding the delivery of all fuels. We plan on proving our model to regulators and working with them to insure that we will be delivering petrol in London in the future as well.

Is Pumpapp safe?

We have taken every step to ensure that Pumpapp meets industry standards. Safety is our top priority and we make sure to communicate that to everyone here at Pumpapp. That means we all—including the folks in the office — have undergone dangerous goods awareness training. We have also implemented safety, regulatory and ethical procedures to mitigate possible risks.

Pre auth process

When you register your payment details for your first order using Pumpapp, Stripe, our payment processor, sends a request to the issuing bank for a pre-authorisation fee.

The pre-authorisation is not a charge, rather it verifies the account has funds to cover the transaction. The pre-authorisation amount is simply the number of litres you choose multiplied by the amount you have requested to fill, plus the service charge. The amount that is pre-authorised disregards any discounts or promos that the customer is entitled to (i.e. if you request £50 worth of fuel with a £10 discount, your bank will still need to authorise the payment for £50 of fuel.)

Using a pre-authorisation, Stripe will verify that the card is issued and the bank will allow the payment to be authorised. Regardless of whether the pre-authorisation is accepted or declined, Stripe will immediately reverse the pre-authorisation request. However, if the bank declines the pre-authorisation, then some people may see the charge on their bank statement. Depending on who you bank with, the charge will be removed anywhere from a few minutes to a few weeks.

Who delivers the fuel?

Unlike most on-demand delivery companies, all of our drivers are full time employees who have been hired according to very strict recruitment requirements. All of our drivers are trained and certified by our insurance company to transport and deliver fuel to the client.

Why Pumpapp?

We are committed to providing service that benefit your organisation.

How can I ensure the amount of fuel I’m getting?

Our Pumpapp vehicles are equipped with measured compliant dispensing units and our app-based receipt system shows proof of delivery without human interaction. In addition, if you like, you may contact us anytime at info@pumpapp.co.uk and request additional information regarding your specific delivery — what we send you will be chock-full of details!

What kind of diesel am I receiving?

We offer standard 5% bio-diesel with a standard cetane number (the measure of a fuel’s ignition delay) and lubricity. We buy the diesel in bulk from reputable fuel distributors across the UK and pass the savings on to you.

What happens if I ordered more fuel than I need?

We will only charge you what we dispense — nothing more. Thanks to our dispensing and metering unit, we cannot over charge you or over-fill your car. Our fuel pump acts the same way as a fuel station pump and has an automatic shut off valve which cannot dispense more than a gas tank needs.

I don’t know how much fuel I need.

Simply enter your license plate into the app and we will tell you how much your fuel tank holds. You can then use our app to determine how much fuel you think you need. Our proprietary and user friendly fuel selector helps you figure out the right fuel quantity you need. In addition, we will be introducing a ‘fill-me up’ feature in the future so you won’t have to choose based on fuel amount for the delivery — it’s coming.

I need to move my car after I placed an order.

At the moment, we allow you to cancel your order anytime. So for now, please simply place a new order and update your car location. We’re constantly working on updating our user experience!

I lost my location on the app.

Our map allows you to zoom in and out of your location, so you can drag the map in our app to wherever you wish to locate your car.

My car is in a hidden spot — what do I do?

You can add a description about the location of your car at the bottom of the map in the indication section: i.e. My car is in an underground parking

What happens if I’m not next to my car?

We have you covered: just pop open the cover of your fuel tank, lock your car and we will fill up your car and close the cover to your tank. We will also notify you approximately 10 minutes before we arrive at your car to remind you have your fuel tank cover open!

After we have filled your car, you will get another text to say the delivery is complete.

What fuel do you provide?

We provide standard grade diesel, compliant to EN590.

Do you have the calibration certificate?

All our vans are calibrated to UK dispensing regulations, the same as a fuel station. We can provide calibration certificates on request.

What other products/services do you offer?

Pump App dont stop at just fuel, we also provides AdBlue and Red Diesel (Gas/Oil).

Our aim in the not too distance future is to also provide unleaded petrol and a fast charge service for your electrical cars.

What are your payment options and terms for businesses

We offer different payment options for businesses depending on your company’s credit score. Please get in touch with the sales team to discuss further.

What receipts will my business get?

We provide automated digital VAT receipts that will be sent directly to your email at the end of each order.

How do you send invoices?

For our invoicing customers, we provide weekly invoices with a full breakdown of all fill-ups via Xero, an accounting software platform.

How do you record the litres dispensed?

Our metering systems are of the highest quality and accuracy. The volumes we dispense to your vehicles are available via your dedicated portal, including in real-time.

How long does it take?

The maximum speed of dispensing fuel is 45l/minute, (faster than dispensing speeds at the pump). On average it will take us less than a minute to fill up one vehicle.

What do you do in the event of a spill?

Each van is equipped with its own spill equipment, and we also have a 24/7 insurance-approved environmental response team.

Are your drivers trained?

All our drivers are fully trained and certified to the highest UK standards for safely handling fuel (dangerous goods handling and dispensing certification in the UK).

Who can legally use red diesel?

Red diesel, also called gas oil, is a fuel which is widely used to operate off-road vehicles and machinery. Examples of these machines and vehicles include tractors, ride-on lawnmowers and diggers. Gas oil’s use on farms is also why the oil is known as agricultural diesel.

It is also used as heating oil to heat commercial premises and homes in some areas because it carries a small amount of duty. However, we would always advise business customers to consider switching to industrial heating oil and our domestic customers consider switching to home heating oil.

Using gas oil for any other function, such as in road vehicles on public highways, could be considered tax evasion and carries a penalty. A fine will be imposed on anyone caught using red diesel for non-working purposes.

Emergency Fuel Delivery?

Never worry about downtime again with round-the-clock deliveries Speedy Fuels is one of the only UK suppliers that offers a 24-hour manned emergency order line, available 365 days a year. This service ensures that any critical fuel requirements for your sites can be dealt with rapidly and efficiently. Thanks to our ability to provide emergency fuel deliveries, our clients have experienced little, if any, disruption to their daily business activities when an emergency situation has occurred. How does it work? The process is simple. If you find yourself in urgent need of fuel outside of the normal working hours (Mon – Fri, 8am – 5.30pm) including weekends and bank holidays, get in touch and we’ll arrange an emergency fuel delivery to any of your sites for as soon as possible. Our ability to cope with emergency requirements has been tested under the most challenging circumstances such as pandemics, fuel strikes, terminal closures and poor weather. As we are an independent company and are not affiliated to any one oil refinery, our approach is flexible enough to implement alternative methods when necessary to ensure no disruption to your business.


  • ✓ Out-of-hours delivery service
  • ✓ Free fuel management service
  • ✓ All of our fuels are delivered on time
  • ✓ Over 60 years’ experience
  • ✓ Specialists in providing fuel to the London area
  • ✓ Fuel delivery based on your requirements
  • ✓ Waste fuels can be re-used or recycled
  • ✓ Assigned point of contact within Speedy Fuels